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Industry that includes methods of travel and spacecraft for navigating the air or space.

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Aerospace > Control systems

end play

Aerospace; Control systems

Longitudinal back-and-forth play of a shaft.

engine airflow path

Aerospace; Control systems

Route of the airflow through the engine.

engine oil pressure indicating system

Aerospace; Control systems

Device that gives continuous readings of engine oil pump pressure in psi.

engine oil temperature indicating system

Aerospace; Control systems

Device electrically connected to the 28 VDC system which transmits temperature readings to the indicator in degrees centigrade.

engine speed notation

Aerospace; Control systems

The capital letter N, which represents the rotational speed of the engine. When a number is placed after the N (as in "N1"), it indicates a specific system on the engine.

engine stations

Aerospace; Control systems

Specific locations on the engine designating temperature or pressure-measuring locations. For example, T3 means the third temperature pickup on the engine.

engine surge

Aerospace; Control systems

Result of compressor stall. The complete engine in stall.