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Industry that includes methods of travel and spacecraft for navigating the air or space.

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fuel nozzle

Aerospace; Control systems

Device to inject fuel into the combustion chamber in a highly atomized and accurately shaped spray.

fuel pressure indicating system

Aerospace; Control systems

Device that gives continuous readings in psi of fuel pressure in the main fuel supply line.

gas producer

Aerospace; Control systems

The compressor in a free-power turbine engine.

gas turbine engine

Aerospace; Control systems

Aircraft power plant that is adaptable for both airplanes and helicopters.

gerotor pump

Aerospace; Control systems

Modified gear-type pump with two moving parts, an inner toothed element and an outer toothed element. The inner one has one less tooth than the outer.

glow plug

Aerospace; Control systems

Device that consists of a heating element in a short conventional-looking spark plug.

ground angle

Aerospace; Control systems

Angle between the wing chord and the horizontal plane when the airplane is at rest on the ground.