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Industry that includes methods of travel and spacecraft for navigating the air or space.

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heat exchanger

Aerospace; Control systems

Fuel-oil cooler, to help cool the oil. The exchanger is a cylindrical oil chamber surrounded by a jacket through which the fuel passes. Heat from the oil is transferred to the ...

hot start

Aerospace; Control systems

Over temperature during starting.

hung start

Aerospace; Control systems

Failure to reach normal idling RPM during starting.

igniter plugs

Aerospace; Control systems

Spark plugs which function only during starting and cut out of the circuit as soon as combustion is self-supporting.


Aerospace; Control systems

Uneven distribution of weight resulting in rotating parts being out of balance. Measured in inch-grams or inch-ounces.

impeller rotor

Aerospace; Control systems

Rotor in a compressor that revolves at high speed, drawing air into the blades.

induced angle of attack

Aerospace; Control systems

That part of any given angle of attack in excess of the effective angle of attack.