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Any living creature of the Kingdom Animalia constituting multi-celled organisms as well as single-celled organisms lacking chlorophyll and having the ability for spontaneous movement, such as protozoans.

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Animals > Crustaceans

flexor muscle

Animals; Crustaceans

A muscle which flexes the leg at the MC joint.

levator muscle

Animals; Crustaceans

A muscle which moves the limb upwards by rotating it about the CB joint.

postantennal process

Animals; Crustaceans

A paired, ventral sclerite modified to form a spinoform, tapering process located on the ventral surface of the cephalothorax in some siphonostomatoids (e.g. Caligidae) and ...


Animals; Crustaceans

A parasitic copepod that lives partly embedded in its host, usually with the anterior end forming an anchor process.

brood sac

Animals; Crustaceans

A pouch formed from either one or two oostegites.


Animals; Crustaceans

A prefix indicating "almost" or "just less than," e.g., submarginal—almost on the margin.


Animals; Crustaceans

A process with a broad base that is distally expanded into a dorso-ventrally flattened, broad, sub-triangular to oblong process.