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Any living creature of the Kingdom Animalia constituting multi-celled organisms as well as single-celled organisms lacking chlorophyll and having the ability for spontaneous movement, such as protozoans.

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Animals > Spiders


Animals; Spiders

The exoskeletal covering, or shell, over the dorsal (upper) surface of the cephalothorax.

cardiac mark

Animals; Spiders

An elongate midline mark on the anterior, dorsal surface of the abdomen which overlies the heart.


Animals; Spiders

The action of feigning death; induced by disturbance.


Animals; Spiders

The anterior (front) of the two major divisions of the body of a spider.


Animals; Spiders

The jaws, each one comprising a large basal part and a fang


Animals; Spiders

A linear homopolysaceharide found as the characteristic molecule in the cuticle of arthropods. The molecules are layered in chains and cross-linked to form the strong, lightweight ...


Animals; Spiders

The outer covering or shell of the spider or insect egg.