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Record of past mediums or works of art throughout history.

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Art history; Visual arts

Greek for “high city,” the term refers to the elevated portions of cities on which the main temples were built.


Art history; Visual arts

A raised surface or place used as the practical focal point of a religious service.


Art history; Visual arts

To mark lines and shapes on a surface (though not necessarily to produce a likeness). Insofar as drawing concerns mainly line, shape and form, it is considered distinct from ...


Art history; Visual arts

A list, often a book, with items in alphabetical order.


Art history; Visual arts

From the italian for “light and dark,” a term used to describe art that uses strongly contrasting lighted and shaded areas, particularly in suggesting the volumes of objects.


Art history; Visual arts

Outline; contour drawing is that which concentrates on producing a line corresponding to the observed outline of an object or figure.


Art history; Visual arts

Burned (and most often compressed) wood used for drawing.