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Record of past mediums or works of art throughout history.

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aerial perspective

Art history; Visual arts

A means of depicting deep space in painting or graphic arts by rendering objects at greater distances more indistinct, to suggest the interposition of an atmospheric haze.


Art history; Visual arts

Formerly an italian title for a married woman. Also, and usually preceded by a the, the madonna refers to the virgin mary, the mother of jesus christ.


Art history; Visual arts

A half or crescent moon shape; a semi-circular, crescent shaped window or surface.


Art history; Visual arts

A roofed gallery or arcade usually along one side of a building and open to the weather (on occasion a loggia is freestanding).

linear perspective

Art history; Visual arts

A pictorial convention designed to suggest spatial depth by placing objects drawn with diminishing size along and within converging sets of straight lines, all arranged to fix the ...


Art history; Visual arts

A mark that defines a shape, a contour, and, more generally, marks that make up the design of a picture. Lines are key to establishing structure and movement in a picture.


Art history; Visual arts

An adjective describing lines that clearly indicate a shape or a form; this term may be contrasted with painterly. The contrast of the linear and the painterly (malerisch) was ...