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Record of past mediums or works of art throughout history.

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Art history; Visual arts

A german word meaning the style of youth. It is a european art movement of the 1890s also known as art nouveau. It is a style associated with intricate ironwork decoration, often ...


Art history; Visual arts

The middle or topmost stone in an arch or vault that locks the others together.

kinetic art

Art history; Visual arts

Kinetic derives from the greek for motion, and kinetic art uses the movement of objects and light (both natural and artificial) to create art works. A mobile is an example of ...


Art history; Visual arts

The mourning of the virgin mary and christ’s followers over jesus’ body after his crucifixion and the removal of his body or its descent from the cross, which is also called the ...


Art history; Visual arts

In art, the practice of illustrating books with designs and decorations (whether abstract, “floriated" i.e. Floral, or “historiated,” i.e. With images of persons and ...


Art history; Visual arts

Something that appears to be what it is not, and often intended so to deceive.


Art history; Visual arts

A structure of one or many interconnecting passages; more generally, a complex construction; similar to a maze, though the latter include blind passages without issue, whereas ...