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Record of past mediums or works of art throughout history.

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Art history; Visual arts

Greekfor maiden and boy, referring to sculptures of the same. Kouros and kouroi also refer to archaic greek sculptures of nude male figures from around 600 bce. The statues are ...


Art history; Visual arts

An image or object worshipped as the embodiment of special qualities, typically a deity or divinity; the worship of idols ("graven images") is forbidden in all the abrahamic ...


Art history; Visual arts

The vertical posts of a doorway or window frame; used as well of the walls that slant towards a doorway. In the portals of gothic cathedrals the jambs are sculptures. At chartres ...


Art history; Visual arts

In leon battista alberti’s treatise on painting, the term designates the entire impression made by a work of art, starting with its subject matter, but also incorporating the ...


Art history; Visual arts

Any form of printmaking in which an image is incised into a plate, or matrix (typically of metal), and then filled with ink and transferred by pressing or rubbing the plate onto ...


Art history; Visual arts

A movement in painting that flourished in the mid- to late-nineteenth century in france, characterized by its practitioners’ interest in recording the visual aspects of things ...


Art history; Visual arts

In semiotics, a sign whose meaning derives from the connection of one thing with another through a cause and effect relationship, such as footprints being the index of a certain ...