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Arts & crafts comprises a multitude of activities and hobbies that involve making things with one's hands, usually from scratch. They can be sub-divided into 'handicrafts'( or traditional crafts ) that are fashioned in an old style using long practised techniques, and the rest which are more modern inventions that have become recent trends or fads.

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Photorealistic tattoo

Arts & crafts; Body art

Realistic tattoos are a relatively recent phenom enon in tattooing for two reasons. First, as the tattooing has become more popular, the skill level of artists has increased. ...

Celtic tattoo

Arts & crafts; Body art

Celtic tattoos are composed of large black lines, and are generally only done by experienced Celtic tattoo artists, because of their complexity. Celtic tattoos originated as a ...

Biomechanical tattoo

Arts & crafts; Body art

Believe it or not, but the history of this style of tattooing is normally traced back to a single movie: Alien. Whether or not the Alien movies were the source of biomechanical ...

Caricature tattoo

Arts & crafts; Body art

As caricature artists are to portrait artists, so too are tattoo caricatures to… well, every other kind of tattoo. Caricatures require their own special kind of skill, quite ...

Traditional tattoo

Arts & crafts; Body art

This style of tattooing is thought to have originated on American military bases in the 30s or 40s, but has become more associated with sailors than with military. Big bold ...