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Dealing with cosmetic surgery, makeup and other attributes to bring out the best of one’s physical appearance.

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Beauty > Breast implant


Beauty; Breast implant

Formation of tissue at the incision. All wounds heal by the formation of a scar. The degree of scarring varies from person to person, and skin type is an important factor for ...


Beauty; Breast implant

Removal of the implant, with or without replacement.


Beauty; Breast implant

Any additional surgery performed to the breast or chest area.

breast pain

Beauty; Breast implant

Pain in the nipple or breast area.


Beauty; Breast implant

Can occur with any surgery when wounds are contaminated with micro-organisms such as bacteria or fungi. Most infections resulting from surgery appear within a few days to weeks ...

silent rupture

Beauty; Breast implant

Rupture of a silicone gel-filled breast implant that happens without a visible change or feel by the woman and is not evident by a physical examination by the doctor.


Beauty; Breast implant

Bleeding at operative site that causes discoloration and varies in degree and length of time. This is expected following breast implant surgery or breast procedures.