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Dealing with cosmetic surgery, makeup and other attributes to bring out the best of one’s physical appearance.

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Beauty > Cosmetic products


Beauty; Cosmetic products

It refers to a 'Street vendor' which is a different way with shop-in-shop sellers located in a department store, a shopping center and a chain store. The shop is runned indepently ...

BB cream

Beauty; Cosmetic products

An abbreviation of 'Blemish Balm'. It was used for dermatology theraphy to recover skin. It helps for make-up to conceal spots on face and to intend even skin tone. It became ...

Beauty industry

Beauty; Cosmetic products

The term beauty industry refers to a specific form or branch of economic or commercial activity for everything that relates to beauty. This includes hairstyling and its products, ...

Perfume Museum

Beauty; Cosmetic products

This avant-garde-style museum is located at Julia d’Escaldes- Engordany centre and the museum is well equipped with the cutting-edge audio-visual system that offers visitors with ...

beauty industry

Beauty; Cosmetic products

The beauty industry (also referred to as the cosmetics industry, the beauty sector and the beauty market) encompasses the economic and commercial activity surrounding beauty ...