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Also known as 'Biotech' , it is the use of micro-organisms and biological substances to perform specific industrial or manufacturing procedures.

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Biology; Biochemistry

A tough protein that forms the main part of hair, nails, horns, and feathers. It makes up the outer layer of human skin.


Biology; Biochemistry

A fatty substance that is found in living things and that is an important source of food energy.


Biology; Biochemistry

A polypeptide is a long, continuous, and unbranched peptide. Proteins consist of one or more polypeptides arranged in a biologically functional way and are often bound to ...


Biology; Biochemistry

A dark chemical compound that gives color to the skin, hair, scales, feathers, and eyes of animals.

nitrifying bacteria

Biology; Biochemistry

Bacteria that take in nitrogen from the air that is mixed in soil and use the nitrogen to make chemical compounds that plants use as food.


Biology; Biochemistry

The chemical reactions that take place in cells and allow living things to grow, function, and repair damaged body tissues.


Biology; Biochemistry

The process by which a living thing takes in food and makes use of nutrients, is called as nutrition.