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Also known as 'Biotech' , it is the use of micro-organisms and biological substances to perform specific industrial or manufacturing procedures.

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Biology; Biochemistry

A substance, such as protein or a mineral, that living things need for proper growth and good health.


Biology; Biochemistry

To decay by being broken down into simple chemical compounds, especially by bacteria or fungi.


Biology; Biochemistry

The watery fluid in the mouth that is produced by glands under the tongue and in the jaw.


Biology; Biochemistry

"Water fearing". Hydrophobic compounds do not dissolve easily in water, and are usually non-polar. Oils and other long hydrocarbons are hydrophobic.


Biology; Biochemistry

Adhesive protein of the extracellular matrix in animals.


Biology; Biochemistry

An atom or small molecule which carries a positive or negative charge.

isotopic analysis

Biology; Biochemistry

The study of the geochemistry of stable isotopes in naturally occurring sediments and biological structures. Stable isotopes are atomic variations of elements that are stable over ...