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Candy & confectionary

A set of food items that are usually rich in sugar and calories but low in micronutrients. As well as candy (USA), they are also called sweets (UK) and lollies (Australia).

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Werther's Original

Candy & confectionary; Hard candy

Werther's Original (from the original German: Werther's Echte) is a brand of caramel flavoured sweets owned by the German company August Storck KG, based in Berlin, ...

Circus Peanuts

Candy & confectionary; Hard candy

Circus Peanuts are peanut-shaped marshmallow candy.[1] Although the most popular variety of mass-produced Circus Peanuts today is orange-colored with an artificial banana ...


Candy & confectionary; Hard candy

Nerds are a form of candy currently sold by Nestlé under their Willy Wonka Candy Company brand. Nerds are small irregularly-shaped bits of sugar crystal (similar to rock candy) ...


Candy & confectionary; Hard candy

Gobstoppers, known as jawbreakers in Canada and the United States, are a type of hard candy. They are usually round, usually range from about 1 cm across to 3 cm across (though ...


Candy & confectionary; Hard candy

Kraš produces a wide range of candies in different flavours, shapes and colours. Hard and hard filled candy, candy enriched with vitamins, fine functional KIKI and Bronhi toffees ...


Candy & confectionary; Hard candy

Kraš's MENTOL is distinguished by a mild, refreshing taste, pleasantly cooling the mouth and throat, and refreshing the breath. Sugar-free MENTOL has the same taste as the classic ...


Candy & confectionary; Hard candy

Inside the shiny, satin finish candy coating, enriched with the fine flavour of peppermint oil and hazelnut, hides the famous Kraš chocolate. With this unusual combination, ...