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phone bridge

Computer; Wireless technology

A telecommunications service that is used to manage conference calls and audio for meetings.

site code

Computer; Wireless technology

A three-character code that SMS/Configuration Manager uses to uniquely identify an SMS/Configuration Manager site. The site code is specified during the site installation and ...

routable protocol

Computer; Wireless technology

A communications protocol that is used to route data from one network to another by means of a network address and a device address. TCP/IP is an example of a routable protocol.

bridge mode

Computer; Wireless technology

A router configuration in which data passes directly through the router without the protection of network address translation.


Computer; Wireless technology

wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections. The Wi-Fi Alliance, the organization that owns the Wi-Fi ...


Computer; Wireless technology

Wear-a-tron is essentially a button on your watch that connects to a Lockitron-powered lock (a door lock controlled by a smartphone). One press and your door unlocks. Not ...

Wear Mini Launcher

Computer; Wireless technology

Showing that Android Wear is just as adaptable on a smartwatch as Android is on a smartphone, Wear Mini Launcher is a custom application launcher for your watch. To access apps ...