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The social heritage and customs of an organized community,society or ethnic group.

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exotic dancing/strip clubs

Culture; American culture

American striptease, with its roots in nineteenth-century French striptease, came to prominence in the mid-1920s when burlesque theater began to feature it as a way to attract ...


Culture; American culture

American trust territory in the Marianas (Western Pacific), controlled under UN aegis from the Second World War until 1986. It provoked a US scandal in the 1990s because of ...


Culture; American culture

American’s fascination with automobiles has altered homes and public spaces. For houses, these range from suburban extensions of the roof to ward off weather—the carport—to ...


Culture; American culture

Americans have a love affair with magazines, creating thousands of periodical publications serving every taste and interest. Magazines communicate ideas, convey popular tastes and ...

colonies and colonialism

Culture; American culture

Americans have been avid colonizers. Given the United States’ history as a postcolonial nation, this statement may seem perplexing. But Americans have been deeply embroiled in ...


Culture; American culture

Americans have long been committed to the ideal of religious diversity. Though several of the early European settlements in their beginnings experimented with theocracy— ...

skiing and snowboarding

Culture; American culture

Americans have seldom challenged Alpine skiers’ dominance in skiing. Skiing is a very expensive sport that Americans have taken to as a recreation, but very few have been brought ...