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The social heritage and customs of an organized community,society or ethnic group.

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polio (-myelitis)

Culture; American culture

Also known as “infantile paralysis,” this viral inflammation that left healthy children and adults unable to use their limbs became a source of terror for American parents and ...

Arab Americans

Culture; American culture

Although “Arab” refers to members of a language group from the Middle East and North Africa, the term has been muddled in the US by historical shifts, global Islamic politics and ...

Japanese Americans

Culture; American culture

Although among the earliest immigrants from Asia, Japanese Americans have not experienced significant growth since 1960s immigration reforms. Instead, the Japanese American ...


Culture; American culture

Although art museums and children’s museums constitute well-known genres of investigation and display, Americans have created many other centers that attract local visitors and ...

United Nations

Culture; American culture

Although founded in the US as a successor to the League of Nations (which the US had not joined) and headquartered beside New York City, NY’s East River, the UN has often faced ...

film noir

Culture; American culture

Although French critics coined the epithet “black film,” film noir represents a unique, indigenous American genre. Emerging after the Second World War, noir’s images and plots ...


Culture; American culture

Although males aged between eighteen and twenty-five are required to register for possible conscription in the US, there has been no compulsory military service since 1973. Even ...