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The social heritage and customs of an organized community,society or ethnic group.

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Entertainment; Popular culture

Short for comic book convention, Comic-con is a convention where comic book fans gather to meet other enthusiasts, attend workshops with comic book professionals, see exhibits, ...


Entertainment; Popular culture

Also known as Fanime, FanimeCon is an anime convention hosted by the Anime Resource Group (ARG). The convention features events such as meet-and-greet, karaoke, video gaming, game ...


Entertainment; Popular culture

The practice of performing in public places for gratuities, usually in the form of money. Busking has been in every major culture and was the most common means of employment for ...

Dear Abby

Culture; Popular culture

Dear Abby is the name of the popular advice column founded in 1956 by Pauline Phillips under the pen name Abigail Van Buren. The column became a big success in an era when ...

leisure diving

Entertainment; Popular culture

An activity where people are photographed as they dive into a pool in creative ways. People often choose a relaxed pose or they pretend to do a nonchalant activity. The fad was ...


Culture; Popular culture

The belief that two or more ideas, opinions or styles can coexist without necessarily conflicting. In culture, as in politics, pluralism implies a preference for toleration and ...

pop art

Culture; Popular culture

Flourishing from the late 1950s to the early 1970s, artworks drawing inspiration from the imagery of consumerism and popular culture.