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The social heritage and customs of an organized community,society or ethnic group.

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pop music

Culture; Popular culture

Commercially oriented tunes or songs; term used from the 1950s to describe music aimed at the developing youth market.


Culture; Popular culture

Of the people; widely appreciated. But popular culture, as used here, also identifies a range of products and entertainment, primarily for leisure consumption, that are produced ...

prime time

Culture; Popular culture

Peak viewing hours on television, when the highest rates are charged to advertisers.

disposable income

Culture; Popular culture

The part of a person' s income left over after tax has been deducted.


Culture; Popular culture

Factual depiction of actual events or real peoples' lives, in a film or in a radio or television program.


Culture; Popular culture

Commercial leisure activity, produced by professional performers for sale to an audience, who consume it for pleasure, relaxation or amusement. Usually expected to be undemanding ...


Culture; Popular culture

The belief that women are men's equals, and that society should embody that equality.