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Pertaining or related to any style of dance or choreographic technique.

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natural turn

Dance; Ballroom

A turn to the right.

no foot rise

Dance; Ballroom

An action of rise which is taken through the knees and body only, but not through the feet. When backward walks are indicated as having no foot rise, the toe of the forward foot ...

open division

Dance; Ballroom

A division of competition which can involve the dancing of variations and/or choreography.

open figure

Dance; Ballroom

Any figure which involves the continuous passing of the feet, without a closing or chasse action. (also see Continuity).

open finish

Dance; Ballroom

The last part of a figure which ends with feet passing, such as steps 4-6 of a Foxtrot Open Left Turn (Silver level).

open position

Dance; Ballroom

Any dance position where man and lady stand apart or slightly apart, without taking a closed position dance hold.

open facing position

Dance; Ballroom

A variation of Open Position where man and lady stand apart, facing each other, usually with a one- or two-hand connection.