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The art or practice of designing or making designs.

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iterative design

Design; Industrial design

Design methodology involving repeated cycles of design, evaluation, and analysis. Refinements are made for the next cycle based on the analysis and feedback.


Design; Industrial design

The process to customize a product for a specific international market. When a product has been properly internationalized, the visual design can be preserved when it is adapted ...

fishbone diagram

Design; Industrial design

Also called cause-and-effect diagram or root cause analysis. A graphic illustration that identifies cause-and-effect relationships among factors in a given situation. It consists ...

pluralistic walkthrough

Design; Industrial design

Pluralistic walkthroughs are when groups of users, developers, and usability experts walk through a task scenario. Group walkthroughs have the advantage of providing a diverse ...

interaction design (ID)

Design; Industrial design

The creation of behavior and communication tools and processes that facilitate communication between humans and objects, services, and physical or virtual environments, and that ...


Design; Industrial design

A method for generating ideas, intended to inspire the free-flowing sharing of thoughts of an individual or a group of people, typically while withholding criticism in order to ...

case study

Design; Industrial design

A way of learning about a complex instance through extensive description and analysis. The case study articulates why the instance occurred as it did by exploring the factors ...