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The art or practice of designing or making designs.

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Design; Industrial design

The human ability to group information into related small sets, which can then be stored in short-term memory. By keeping information in smaller pieces, the functional storage ...

seven, plus or minus two

Design; Industrial design

This term refers to the limits on our brain to processing information. The number of items that can be held in short-term memory or that can be the focus of attention, as stated ...


Design; Industrial design

The characteristics of a graphic element that enable the audience to differentiate the element from its surrounding environment. Conspicuity is achieved when each element can ...


Design; Industrial design

The process of gathering information about users and tasks directly from users in their normal work, home or leisure environment. Traditional ethnography focuses on long-term ...

graceful degradation

Design; Industrial design

Design considerations that allow the content to maintain effectiveness for the user when a product’s new features (such as those taking advantage of the latest technologies) are ...

cross section

Design; Industrial design

The cross section is a diagram or drawing representing a cut at right angles to an axis.


Design; Industrial design

The opposite of improvement, but not exactly decline or deterioration. Would be used in context of a next-generation product coming out (e.g., mac operating systems, industrial ...