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The act or process of teaching or learning.

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academic standards

Education; Professional training

Academic standards refer to the intended learning outcomes in terms of what the students need to know and be able to do at each grade/ stage level in each subject area.

big ideas

Education; Professional training

Big ideas refer to the concepts, abstracts, and generalizations that function like umbrellas connecting the bits and pieces of information introduced and covered in different ...

essential questions

Education; Professional training

Essential questions are the Big Ideas (concepts, abstracts, and generalizations) formulated as questions that encourage students to research, inquire, and think critically. They ...


Education; Professional training

Skills refer to the procedural knowledge. It is what we want the students to be able to do as an outcome of learning the unit under study.


Education; Professional training

Assessment is measuring student learning of intended content and skills. Assessment could be formative (assessment for learning) or summative (assessment of learning). Assessment ...

learning activities

Education; Professional training

Learning activities refer to the opportunities offered for students in the classroom to learn the intended content and acquire the intended skills. It should be differentiated ...


Education; Professional training

Content is the declarative knowledge. It is what we want students to know in terms of information and facts related to the topic of the taught unit.