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The discipline, art, skill and profession of applying scientific knowledge and principles to the design and manufacturing of machines, structures, devices, systems, materials and processes.

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air-entrained concrete

Engineering; Civil engineering

A low-density type of concrete throughout which small air bubbles are dispersed in order to increase its frost resistance: used for making roads. With 1 per cent of air, the loss ...

thermal expansion

Engineering; Civil engineering

It is the tendency of matter t There is a coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE)and it is used to determine the changes in length, volume and density for a given ...

auxiliary spillway

Engineering; Civil engineering

A secondary spillway, usually located in a saddle or depression in the reservoir rim which leads to a natural or excavated waterway away from the dam which permits the planned ...

axial load

Engineering; Civil engineering

A force applied along the longitudinal axis of a structural member. If the load is parallel to the axis, but not coincident with it, the load is centric rather than concentric as ...

automatic transfer switch

Engineering; Civil engineering

An emergency switch which automatically switches over to an auxiliary source of power such as batteries or a gas-driven generator in the event of an interruption of a normal power ...

as-built drawings

Engineering; Civil engineering

Also called construction record drawings, these are drawings which have been revised during construction to record changes made which differ from the original contract drawings. ...

arch dam

Engineering; Civil engineering

A concrete or masonry dam which is curved upstream in plan in order to transmit the major part of the water load to the abutments and to keep the dam in compression. An arch dam ...