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The discipline, art, skill and profession of applying scientific knowledge and principles to the design and manufacturing of machines, structures, devices, systems, materials and processes.

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at-rest earth pressure

Engineering; Civil engineering

The value of the earth pressure when the soil mass is in its natural or balanced state without having been permitted to yield or without having been compressed.

dam safety deficiency

Engineering; Civil engineering

A physical condition capable of causing the sudden uncontrollable release of reservoir water by partial or complete failure of a dam, appurtenant structure, or facility.

consumer surplus

Engineering; Civil engineering

The value of a commodity, good, or opportunity above the cost to the consumer; measured using willingness to pay, as specified in Federal guidelines for water resources planning.

mass care center

Engineering; Civil engineering

A facility for providing emergency lodging and care for people made temporarily homeless by an emergency or disaster. Essential basic services (feeding, family reunification, ...

first responders

Engineering; Civil engineering

Individuals who are likely to witness or discover a hazardous substance release and who have been trained to initiate an emergency response sequence by notifying the proper ...

freeze-thaw damage

Engineering; Civil engineering

Damage to concrete caused by extreme temperature variations as noted by random pattern cracking. Damage is accelerated by the presence of water and commonly more severe on the ...

cellular gravity dam

Engineering; Civil engineering

A dam which has the outward appearance of a gravity dam but is of hollow construction. A dam constructed of concrete and/or masonry on the outside but having a hollow interior and ...