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The discipline, art, skill and profession of applying scientific knowledge and principles to the design and manufacturing of machines, structures, devices, systems, materials and processes.

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primary bevel

Engineering; Mechanical engineering

The primary bevel, sometimes referred to as a grind, of a knife is the bevel on the cutting side of the blade. It can be a partial or full grind, extending to a point on the flat ...

flip knife

Engineering; Mechanical engineering

A flip knife is a type of folding knife, designed to be flipped or flicked into its usable position. Most flip knives have either a thumb-stud or an extended finger guard that ...


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

Although similar to jimping, filework denotes a more decorative and, in some cases, less practical nature. Filework is the application of grooves or serrations in pattern accross ...

Paul Kennedy

Engineering; Mechanical engineering

Paul Michael Kennedy CBE, FBA (born 1945), is a British historian at Yale University specialising in the history of international relations, economic power and grand strategy. He ...

chisel grind

Engineering; Mechanical engineering

A chisel grind is a bevel style where only one side of the material is bevelled, leaving the opposite side's blade edge in line with the spine and tang. It is a technique used to ...


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

The tang of a knife is the portion of the knife's blade metal that has been shaped to fit the handle material. It provides strength at the join between the knife blade and the ...

partial grind

Engineering; Mechanical engineering

A partial grind, like a full grind, is a descripive term that indicates that the bevel of the knife does not extend all the way to the spine. Most parial bevel blades' bevels stop ...