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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Entertainment; Dance

A rhythm that is thought to have come before the Milonga and is related to the drums and of African origin. A dance that is being revived today but is still so old, no–one really ...


Entertainment; Dance

Turns, usually fast, which take the women off her axis or plays with her axis


Entertainment; Dance

Boarding houses in the suburbs of Buenos Aires in which the immigrant population was housed.  It consisted of many rooms around a central courtyard with a common cooking area. The ...


Entertainment; Dance

A term of tango mythology and lexicon . A man of questionable background and intent, who spends all his time in the tango bars or at the races. Well dressed and very aware of his ...


Entertainment; Dance

(run) An old term from the 30’s and 40’s seldom used today; a syncopated walk which will look like a run


Entertainment; Dance

(cut) A cut in the smoothness of walking; a step back or side where the women leans into the man

crossed system

Entertainment; Dance

A modern reference (90’s onward) to the man’s feet being the same as the women’s.  Right foot to right foot, or left to left, no matter the direction. See also parallel ...