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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Entertainment; Digital music

An electronic device that receives radio signals.

USB cable

Entertainment; Digital music

A connector that supports a rapid data transfer rate; used with various hardware components (mouse, printer, etc.).

USB input

Entertainment; Digital music

Connection port for USB cable.

Variable bit rate

Entertainment; Digital music

Variable bit rate specifies the sound quality level but allows the bit rate to fluctuate. During complex passages, VBR uses a higher-than-average bit rate but during simple ...


Entertainment; Digital music

Colorful animations that move while music plays. An option in both iTunes and Windows Media Center.

Windows Media Player

Entertainment; Digital music

A Microsoft-developed software program that plays streaming audio and video files.


Entertainment; Digital music

Developed by Microsoft, WMA is a sound-file format that is even smaller than MP3. WMA offers near-CD-quality sound at an encoding rate of only 64Kbps (as opposed to MP3's ...