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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Entertainment; Digital music

A laser-encoded storage media for digital data. A variety of formats are available for audio, video, and computer files.


Entertainment; Digital music

A CD-R can store data as well as digital audio files. But information can only be recorded once; the disc cannot be burned with additional data and cannot be recorded over.


Entertainment; Digital music

You can write, rewrite, and erase more than a thousand times on this medium. The data on CD-RW discs is only readable by CD-RW drives; sometimes computers need the identical ...

Celebrity playlist

Entertainment; Digital music

A feature in the iTunes Music Store in which celebrities compile songs into a playlist and describe the inspirations for their choices.

Click wheel

Entertainment; Digital music

Touch-sensitive control standard on most iPods that navigates menus and settings, as well as controls music (Play/Pause, Fast-forward, Volume, etc.).

Constant bit rate (CBR)

Entertainment; Digital music

A type of encoding that maintains a fixed bit rate throughout a file, so that data is sent in a steady stream. Because more complex passages may be encoded with fewer than ...

Crossfade playback

Entertainment; Digital music

In iTunes, the amount of time elapsed between songs. You can choose to hear songs fade one into the next with or without silence.