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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Entertainment; Gambling

Gratuities for casino employees.


Entertainment; Gambling

1. A good tipper in a casino. 2. Someone who makes bets on the dealer's behalf.

window card

Entertainment; Gambling

Poker term referring to cards which are dealt face up for all players to use.


Entertainment; Gambling

In poker, the amount of money which has to be put into the pot by each player to participate in the hand. This should be paid before the window cards have been played.


Entertainment; Gambling

Pretending to have a strong hand when the player really has a weak one, in an attempt to force other players out of the hand.


Entertainment; Gambling

Poker term for full house, i.e. having a pair and a triple.

hard count

Entertainment; Gambling

The count of coins in a casino.