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Anything to do with making, designing or appreciating clothing of the prevailing trends.

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Dolce & Gabbana printed shoulder bag

Fashion; General fashion

Dolce & Gabbana recreates its signature Sicily shoulder bags in eye-catching multicolored canvas. Patterned with fruit, fish and flowers, this fresh design is awash with vivid ...

open toe shoes

Fashion; General fashion

A open-toe shoe is a woman's shoe in which there is an opening at the toe-box allowing the toes to show. Open-toe shoes were popular beginning in the 1940s but fell out of ...


Fashion; General fashion

Originally a "stiletto" was a weapon, fashioned in the 1400's, which is a knife or dagger with a long slender blade and needle-like point. Named after this, the stiletto heel is a ...

ballet pumps

Fashion; General fashion

It may have no heal or a very thin, orinating from the ballet slipper. In the medival times ballet flats were popular with both men and women. They went out of fashio when the ...