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Anything to do with making, designing or appreciating clothing of the prevailing trends.

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spring/summer fashion styles

Fashion; General fashion

With warm color brings warm colors in modern Spring/Summer styles use many pastel colors. Spring/Summer wear includes styles such as, v-neck t-shirts, tanks, button downs, chinos, ...


Fashion; General fashion

Jeans are denim made trouser pants. Invented by Levi Strauss during the California Gold Rush when he saw workers needing strong durable pants. These denim pants became popular in ...

fall/winter style guide

Fashion; General fashion

A collection of clothing that can be viewed as fashionable mens wear in this current time period. Consists of clothing categories like outerwear, trousers, shirts, footwear, and ...


Fashion; General fashion

Hair that is on and above the upper lip. There are different forms of mustaches that can be styled and cut for different people. For example some people will use a wax to curl the ...

MacCulloch & Wallis

Fashion; General fashion

Since 1902 MacCulloch & Wallis has supplied the fashion trade with fine fabrics and trimmings from the same central London premises between Oxford Street and Bond Street in ...

Bucket hat

Fashion; General fashion

The bucket hat is Irish in origin, being traditionally worn by fishermen and farmers as protection from the rain.[1] It was quickly adopted by the English upper classes ...


Fashion; General fashion

The first thing you need to become a fashion is Style. So to say, it is the very first component to make covert something into fashion eventually.