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Anything to do with making, designing or appreciating clothing of the prevailing trends.

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Fashion; General fashion

Stores that sell product at off price. Off-Pricers or Off-Price stores unlike discount stores even though both formats aiming at offering customers merchandise at less than ...


Fashion; General fashion

Normcore is a word given to a fashion style that is seen as very "normal". Fashion brands such as GAP and UniQlo are creators of so called normcore fashion culture. ...

Seventh Avenue

Fashion; General fashion

The term used by the fashion industry to refer to New York City's Garment center.

Trunk Show

Fashion; General fashion

A promo event. In trunk show both designers and the manufacturers visit store to show their new collections to the customers.

VALS Study

Fashion; General fashion

A study by Strategic Business Insights SBI [ formerly SRI ]classifying the consumers on the basis of attitudes and lifestyles that often contribute to the personal needs. ...

Brick & Mortar Retailer

Fashion; General fashion

Store business, from where a customer makes his or her purchases. brick & Mortar Retailer is he who runs store for mainly fast moving consumer goods, FMCG.

Specification Buying

Fashion; General fashion

Products made to orders. the buying or making of a products as per buyers' requirements, like size specs, assortments, fabrics or yarn selections or other materials, trimmings ...