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Anything to do with making, designing or appreciating clothing of the prevailing trends.

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trend forecasting

Fashion; General fashion

Prediction of what will be successful in the future based on the analysis of past sales and determine possible trends from data and use the information to extrapolate what could ...

fashion economics

Fashion; General fashion

The global fashion apparel’s participation in various markets such as consumer goods markets, industrial markets and business service and labor markets.

The Fantasy Bra

Fashion; General fashion

Each year the prestigious brand creates a bra known as Fantasy Bra, this luxurious bra is made of precious jewels or is embedded. The only Fantasy Bra which was released for sale ...

eye shopping

Fashion; General fashion

How often do you go to a store just to try on clothes or see what's on sale. In Korea they refer to this as, "eye shopping".


Fashion; General fashion

Looking for a turtleneck in Korea? You may want to use the Korglish word, "polar" which refers to long sleeved turtle necks.

burberry coat

Fashion; General fashion

Any longer coat (commonly called trench coats) is referred to as a burberry coat in Kinglish regardless of the brand.

Cornrow Updo

Beauty; Hair style

Cornrows can be styled in many creative ways. Cornrow updos have braids that are fashioned in a way that allows the hair to stay back. This style is very elegant and easy to ...