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Anything to do with making, designing or appreciating clothing of the prevailing trends.

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Jewelry; General jewelry

A blue-whitish form of opalescence.

sizing bar

Jewelry; General jewelry

A bar placed on a ring that enables the wearer to reduce the ring's size to properly fit their finger without altering the band. Sizing bars can be purchased at most jewelry ...

octagon bangle

Jewelry; General jewelry

A bangle that has eight solid sides, no hinges, and usually no closure.

twisted bangle

Jewelry; General jewelry

A bangle bracelet that features a twisted design.

ribbed bangle

Jewelry; General jewelry

A bangle bracelet generally comprised of multiple like bangles connected at one point giving the piece a ribbed effect.

Shah Diamond

Jewelry; General jewelry

88. 70 carats, came from India and is only partially polished. It has three inscriptions of monarchs' names. In 1829 it was given to Tsar Nicholas I, and is now kept in the ...

single bale

Jewelry; General jewelry

A bale is the piece affixed to the top of a pendant through which the chain passes and pieces with a single bale feature one loop as opposed to others that may have two or more.