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Anything to do with making, designing or appreciating clothing of the prevailing trends.

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Cullinan IV Diamond

Jewelry; General jewelry

63. 60 carats, one of the 105 stones from the largest diamond ever found. It is in the crown of Queen Mary and can be removed to be worn as a brooch. Also kept in the Tower of ...

Hope Diamond

Jewelry; General jewelry

44. 51carats. This beautiful blue diamond appeared in the trade in 1830 and was bought by the banker H. T. Hope of London. It was probably re-cut from a stone stolen during the ...

Sancy Diamond

Jewelry; General jewelry

55 carats, is said to have been worn by Charles the Brave around 1470. It was bought by Signeur de Sancy in 1570 from the French ambassador to Turkey. Since 1906 is has belonged ...

Cullinan I Diamond

Jewelry; General jewelry

530. 20 carats. Cut from the largest diamond ever found (3106 carats) also called the "Star of Africa". Named after the chairman of the Premier mine in South Africa at the time, ...

Nassak Diamond

Jewelry; General jewelry

43. 38 carats, was originally over 90 carats and in a Temple of Shiva near Nassak, in India. It was looted in 1818 by the English, then re-cut in New York in 1927. Today it is ...

Dresden Diamond

Jewelry; General jewelry

41 carats, most likely from India. This pear shaped green diamond's early history is not known. In around 1700 it was in the possession of August the Strong, Duke of Saxony. Kept ...

flourentine diamond

Jewelry; General jewelry

137. 27 carats, was held by the Medici family of Florentine in 1657. During the 18th century is was in the Habsburg crown, then it was used as a brooch. After the First World War ...