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Anything to do with making, designing or appreciating clothing of the prevailing trends.

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Jewelry; General jewelry

1. An aesthetic featuring the characteristics of modern art. Modern pieces often have a minimalist or avante garde appearance. 2. A piece of jewelry that is innovative.

koh-i-noor diamond

Jewelry; General jewelry

108. 92 carats, was originally a round stone of 186 carats belonging to the Indian Raj. It was bought in 1739 by the Shah of Persia, who called it "Mountain of Light" ...

kaleidoscope pendant

Jewelry; General jewelry

A pendant that has been fashioned to work like a kaleidoscope. Often, precious gemstones are used inside the metal cylinder instead of confetti or other materials.

fancy cut

Jewelry; General jewelry

1) A custom cut that does not fit into any other category. Often, fancy cuts are variations on common cuts like the emerald or oval cut. 2) An all enveloping term used to describe ...

twin resistant

Jewelry; General jewelry

A watch that is not only water resistant but also mud resistant.

circles watch

Jewelry; General jewelry

A watch made with a repeating circle design. The band, the face, and the details are all done with various sized circles. These types of watches are popular with a modern ...

ratchet bezel

Jewelry; General jewelry

A watch bezel that can be turned both clockwise and counter-clockwise and clicks with ratchet action.