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General food products.

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vertical coordination

Food (other); Food safety

The process of ensuring that each successive stage in the production, processing, and marketing of a product is appropriately managed and interrelated to the next, so that ...


Food (other); Food safety

A pathogenic, diarrhea-producing bacterium that is the leading cause of human foodborne illness among intestinal pathogens. It is commonly found in raw meats, poultry, milk, and ...

U.S. suspect

Food (other); Food safety

The livestock so identified is suspected of being affected with a disease or condition which may require its condemnation, in whole or in part, when slaughtered, and is subject to ...

yearling turkey

Food (other); Food safety

A fully matured turkey, usually under 15 months of age that is reasonably tender-meated and with reasonably smooth-textured skin.

oven ready

Food (other); Food safety

Product is ready to cook.


Food (other); Food safety

Recalls are voluntary actions carried out by a food manufacturer or distributor in cooperation with Federal and State agencies. Products are recalled when found to be ...

special-fed veal

Food (other); Food safety

The majority of veal calves are “special-fed.” A veal calf is raised until about 16 to 18 weeks of age, weighing up to 450 pounds. They are raised in specially designed facilities ...