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General food products.

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U.S. retained

Food (other); Food safety

The carcass, viscera, other part of carcass, or other product, or article so identified is held for further examination by an inspector to determine its disposal.

recall classifications

Food (other); Food safety

FSIS assesses the public health concern or hazard presented by a product being recalled, or considered for recall, whether firm-initiated or requested by FSIS, and classifies the ...

risk management

Food (other); Food safety

The process of evaluating policy alternatives in view of the results of risk assessment and selecting and implementing appropriate options to protect public health. Risk ...


Food (other); Food safety

The messenger, developed by FSIS, of a national consumer education campaign designed to promote the use of food thermometers.

pork fatty tissue

Food (other); Food safety

These are byproducts produced from fatty trimmings containing less than 12% lean meat. These ingredients may be used in meat products in which byproducts are acceptable.

Poultry Products Inspection Act of 1957 (PPIA)

Food (other); Food safety

P.L. 85-172 (August 28, 1957), as amended by the Wholesome Poultry Products Act of 1968 (P.L. 90-492, August 18, 1968), requires USDA to inspect all “domesticated birds” when ...

organic foods

Food (other); Food safety

Food products produced by organic farming practices and handled or processed under organic handling and manufacturing processes as defined by several private and state organic ...