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The study of physical characteristics of earth and the distribution and effects of life on earth, especially that of humans.

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accelerated erosion

Geography; Human geography

An increase in the rate of 'natural' erosive processes, such as rainwash, owing to the activities of people - for example, in the clearing of vegetation, construction, ploughing ...


Geography; Human geography

In economic geography, this refers to something that increases the momentum of a boom or slump. For example, a marked expansion of overseas markets would accelerate a boom, while ...

acceptable dose limit

Geography; Human geography

This applies to those circumstances in which an alien substance is introduced into the environment, such as the discharge of raw sewage into the sea. The limit is the greatest ...


Geography; Human geography

The ease with which one location may be reached from another. In transport studies, it is that quality possessed by a place as a result of its particular location within a ...


Geography; Human geography

A process of growth by accumulation; e.g. the enlargement of a raindrop by collision with many other tiny water droplets within a cloud, or the accumulation of mineral matter in a ...

acid rain

Geography; Human geography

Rain contaminated by chemicals (notably sulphur dioxide, producing dilute sulphuric acid) that have been released from industrial chimneys, and in particular from coal-burning ...

administrative principle

Geography; Human geography

One of three principles underlying Christaller's central place theory and governing the spatial arrangement of a central place relative to its market area. It applies where ...