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The study of physical characteristics of earth and the distribution and effects of life on earth, especially that of humans.

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Geography; Human geography

A hill-slope that, in the Northern Hemisphere, faces southwards or southwestwards, and thus receives the maximum amount of sunshine and warmth. It is the opposite side to the ubac ...

advection fog

Geography; Human geography

FOG developed in air that is moving in a horizontal direction. The air, which is initially warm and moist, is cooled to dew-point as it passes over a cold land or sea surface. ...


Geography; Human geography

A term applied to the action of wind. Aeolian transport is an important coastal process involving the transportation of sand and the construction of sand dunes. It is also ...

aerial photograph

Geography; Human geography

The term normally refers to a photograph, vertical or oblique, taken from an aircraft, but might also include the images recorded from an orbiting satellite. Among other things, ...


Geography; Human geography

In the biological sense, a term referring to organisms living in the presence of free oxygen, specifically with reference to those in the soil. Ct anaerobic.

affluent society

Geography; Human geography

A term used to describe those medcs that have benefited from long periods of continuous economic growth, and in which the general level of prosperity allows the population at ...


Geography; Human geography

The deliberate planting of trees, usually where none grew previously or recently, as by the forestry commission on the heathlands and moorlands of Britain for much of the 20th ...