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The study of physical characteristics of earth and the distribution and effects of life on earth, especially that of humans.

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Geography; Human geography

Used in a wide sense to include the growing of crops and the rearing of livestock - the whole science and practice of farming. However, some restrict the term to the growing of ...


Geography; Human geography

Chemical inputs in farming that are used to increase productivity by fertilizing the soil, and controlling pests and diseases (pesticides, herbicides and fungicides). There is ...


Geography; Human geography

The integrated use of land for agriculture and forestry. For example, the phased planting and felling of windbreaks in agricultural areas prone to wind erosion, or the planting of ...


Geography; Human geography

The uppermost layer of topsoil in a well-developed or mature soil profile. It is characterized by well-weathered parent material and a relatively large amount of humus. The ...


Geography; Human geography

Assistance extended by the more wealthy nations (see medcs) to the ledcs of the third world mainly to encourage development and to help overcome the obstacles to it. Aid can take ...

acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)

Geography; Human geography

A fatal disease currently spreading at an exponential growth rate and which already seriously threatens populations in certain parts of the world, most notably in sub-Saharan ...

air mass

Geography; Human geography

A large and essentially homogeneous mass of air, often many thousands of km2 in area, characterized by more or less uniform temperature and humidity. Air masses originate in ...