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The study of physical characteristics of earth and the distribution and effects of life on earth, especially that of humans.

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Geography; Human geography

The reflectivity of a surface, often expressed as a percentage of the solar radiation that falls on the Earth's surface. The average global albedo is about 34% (i.e. that ...

alluvial fan

Geography; Human geography

A fan-shaped mass of alluvium (sand, gravel, cobbles and sometimes boulders) formed where a rapidly flowing stream leaves a steep and narrow valley and enters a lowland or broad ...


Geography; Human geography

This describes the sediments laid down by streams. Alluvium is unconsolidated material forming features such as alluvial fans, flood plains, river terraces and deltas. The most ...

Alonso model

Geography; Human geography

A model developed by Alonso in the 1960s to explain the paradox observed in many cities that poor people tend to live close to the city centre on high-value land, while the rich ...


Geography; Human geography

A high-level bench or gently sloping area standing above a deep U-shaped valley. Alps are sometimes interpreted as the remaining parts of preglacial valleys, left upstanding as a ...

alpine glacier

Geography; Human geography

A long, tongue-like valley glacier occupying a clearly defined mountain valley, typical of the European Alps. The glacier is nourished by an accumulation zone (or firn basin) ...

alternative energy

Geography; Human geography

Renewable sources of energy that offer an alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear power. These include geothermal heat, and solar, tidal and wind power. Given that fossil fuels ...