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The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.

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Ashanti fontomfrom

History; African history

Very popular in traditional music from Ghana, the Fontomfrom Ensemble is used to communicate royal messages in Ashanti tribal settings, as well as to play some popular. The ...

classic burkina gita

History; African history

This traditional gita (GHEE-tuh) is crafted in the style of Burkina Faso by cultural artisans in Ghana, featuring a leather edge cover, burned designs, and hand crafted glass ...

mali krin

History; African history

Our Mali krin (also kolokolo, lokole, kreen, kreenyi) are true professional grade log drums, imported direct from Bamako. Each is hand carved using traditional methods, tuned with ...


History; African history

An African club, used mostly in Southern and Eastern Africa. Its wsimply a walking stick with a large knob on one end. This weapon was often used during wars used to beat oponents ...


History; African history

A 22 inch bladed throwing knife used by the Azende of Nubia of the Avongara clan. It has three different blades projecting at different angles to maximise damage. Not only was it ...


History; African history

It is a curved throwing dagger consisting of an iron blade with a curved back and rearward spike, so that it can also be used in close combat fighting. This was used before ...

Nzappa zap

History; African history

An african axe or a hatchet. Traditionally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the head made with wrought iron and the handle made with wood. It may be thrown at a short ...