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Joice Mujuru

Politics; International politics

Joice Mujuru was Vice President of Zimbabwe, a country in Southern Africa. She served under President Robert Mugabe from 2004 to 2014. She is a member of the Zanu PF political ...

Lindiwe Mazibuko

Politics; International politics

In 2011, Lindiwe Mazibuko became the youngest black woman to be appointed as South Africa’s Democratic Alliance (DA) Parliamentary Leader. Mazibuko became interested in politics ...

Joyce Banda

Politics; International politics

Joyce Banda was both the first female President and first female Vice President of Malawi, a country in Southeastern Africa. She took presidential office in 2012 following the ...

Baleka Mbete

Politics; International politics

Baleka Mbete is the Speaker of South Africa’s National Assembly and the National Chairperson for the African National Congress (ANC). She was elected secretary general of the ANC ...

Cissé Mariam Kaïdama Sidibé

Politics; International politics

Cissé Mariam Kaïdama Sidibé became the first female Prime Minister of Mali in 2011. In 2012, following a military coup, Sidibe was removed from her position. Her introduction to ...

Ruth Perry

Politics; International politics

Ruth Perry took office as the leader of Liberia’s transitional government following the end of a seven year long civil war in September of 1996. Ruth Perry oversaw the completion ...

Mame Madior Boye

Politics; International politics

Mame Madior Boye, elected in 2001, was the first female Prime Minister of Senegal. She worked under the supervision of President Abdoulaye Wade until 2002. In 2004, she became the ...