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The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.

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History; Chinese history

Term in general use in China for the urban administrative unit usually found immediately below the district level, although an intermediate, subdistrict level exists in some ...

great proletarian cultural revolution

History; Chinese history

A slogan introduced by Mao Zedong in 1940, noted again by Liu Shaoqi in 1958, and used more frequently in connection with leftist attacks on the "cultural front" in late 1965 and ...


History; Chinese history

China's monetary unit, which in mid-1987 had an exchange rate of US$1 to -Y3. 72, or -Y1 to US$. 269. The yuan is divided into 100 fen, and 10 fen constitute 1 jiao. The currency ...


History; Chinese history

Person who holds any responsible position in either the party or the governmental apparatus throughout the nation. Term usually denotes a person in administrative work. It often ...


History; Chinese history

Term usually juxtaposed with "red" (q. V. ). Denotes special knowledge or skills, or both, relating to economic management, science, and technology. Cadres are required to be both ...

people's commune

History; Chinese history

Formerly the highest of three administrative levels in rural areas in the period from 1958 to 1982-85, when they were replaced by townships (q. V. ). Communes, the largest ...

gross national product (GNP)

History; Chinese history

The total value of final goods and services produced in the economy. The "estimated GNP" figures used in the text are estimates by United States government analysts of Chinese GNP ...