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The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.

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Socialist Education Movement

History; Chinese history

Inaugurated in September 1962 at the Tenth Plenum of the Eighth National Party Congress Central Committee as a mass ideological campaign for both party cadre and the general ...

Red Guards

History; Chinese history

Generally used to refer to young people--primarily students--in their teens and twenties who began in May 1966 to support the leftist intraparty struggle then emerging against Liu ...

overseas Chinese

History; Chinese history

Term usually used to refer to any person of Chinese origin living abroad on a permanent basis, without regard to his or her current citizenship. Overseas Chinese minorities are ...

New Culture Movement

History; Chinese history

Refers to the period between 1917 and 1923, which was marked by student and intellectual ferment and protests against the warlord government. Culminated in the May Fourth Movement ...

National People's Congress

History; Chinese history

Highest organ of the state, elected in accordance with the principles of democratic centralism (q. V. ). As of 1987, six congresses had been held, the first (1954), second (1959), ...

Mao Zedong Thought

History; Chinese history

Sayings and writings of Mao that served as a major source of national ideology until his death in 1976 and since then have undergone a cautious but critical reappraisal. By 1980 ...

Long March

History; Chinese history

The 12,500-kilometer-long trek made by the Red Army in the face of the Guomindang's "annihilation campaigns. " Began in October 1934 in Jiangxi Province and ended in October 1935 ...