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The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.

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History; Chinese history

Short form for Communist International or the Third International, which was founded in Moscow in 1919 to coordinate the world communist movement. Officially disbanded in 1943, ...

Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)

History; Chinese history

A quasi-constitutional united front (q. V. ) organization that provides an institutional framework for interaction between party and state leaders and representatives of mass ...

danwei (work unit)

History; Chinese history

The basic-level organization through which party and government officials control social, political, and economic behavior of residents. The danwei typically controls the ...

production team

History; Chinese history

Formerly the basic accounting and farm production unit in the people's commune system. Production teams were largely disbanded during the agricultural reforms of 1982-85. In the ...

special economic zones

History; Chinese history

Small coastal areas established beginning in 1979 to promote economic development and introduction of advanced technology through foreign investment. Special preferential terms ...


History; Chinese history

The common spoken language; also called guoyu (national language). The official spoken language of China, used in its various forms by more than 70 percent of the population. The ...

democratic centralism

History; Chinese history

A system through which the people influence the policies of the government and party members influence the policies of the party; while the government and party maintain ...