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History; Chinese history

A term referring to political and ideological attitudes prescribed by Maoist doctrine. Usually juxtaposed with "expert" (q. V. ), the term was seldom used in the 1980s.

barefoot doctor

History; Chinese history

Especially during the Cultural Revolution (q. V. ), a paramedical worker possessing minimal formal training who provided part-time medical service, primarily in rural areas. ...

mass movement

History; Chinese history

Derived from the concept of "mass line". Party- directed campaign designed to mobilize the masses in support or execution of major policies. Such movements were characteristic of ...

responsibility system

History; Chinese history

A practice, first adopted in agriculture in 1981 and later extended to other sectors of the economy, by which local managers are held responsible for the profits and losses of the ...

democratic parties

History; Chinese history

Eight political parties that have been loyal to the communist government since 1949. They are China Association for Promoting Democracy, China Democratic League, China Democratic ...

big-character posters (dazibao)

History; Chinese history

Posters, limited-circulation newspapers, excerpted press articles, pamphlets, and blackboard news using large-sized ideographs and mounted on walls as a popular form of ...

united front

History; Chinese history

Chinese Communist Party strategy that attempts to utilize an organization or movement for the purpose of building a consensus and an organized following for party-supported ...